5” Cutting Disc

Cutting Disc


stainless steel, pipe and profile , re-bar and wire cable

Brief product introduction:

In thicknesses of 1.0 to 1.6 mm, these super-thin cut-off wheels are suitable for all types of steel and impress with exceptional results without compromise.

1.Reduce the machine loading

2.High cost performance

3.The operation is convenient, better help to high altitude work

4.Used for special-shaped pipe and sheet metal cutting, cutting edge without burr and without duplication of effort.

5.Ultra-thin, significantly reduce the cutting dust and noise, the highest utilization rate.

6.easy operation, effectively reduce the machine load, prolong the life to the machine

Sketch Map:

Table information

Item Size Meterial Weight Max Speed  



Inch mm grit g/piece r.p.m m/s
Cutting Disc 5×3/64×7/8 125×1.2×22 WA54 26 12200 80  



Cutting Disc 5×3/64×7/8 125×1.6×22 WA54 45 12200 80  



Cutting Disc 5×1/64×7/8 125×2.0x22 WA46 55 12200 80  



Cutting Disc 5×1/8×7/8 125×3.0x22 A40 75 12200 80