4” Cutting Disc

Cutting Disc


casting process, profile processing

Brief product introduction:

1.Line speed 80m/s, max speed is 15200 R.P.M.

2.High stability and ultra-long life

3.T-41 shape and T42 shape

4.Resin bonded, fiber glass to reinforce

5.High security, high prevention from explosion.

Sketch Map:

Table information




Size Metial Weight Max Speed  Color
Inch mm grit g/piece r.p.m m/s

Cutting  Wheel


4×1/8×5/8 100×2.5×16 A46 45 15200 80 Customized

Cutting  Wheel


4×1/8×5/8 103×2.9×16 A46 50 15200 80 Customized

Cutting  Wheel


4×1/16×5/8 105×1.2×16 A54 24 15200 80 Customized