4.5” Grinding Disc

Grinding Disc


Stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, Q235, SS304, SS316, etc

Brief product introduction:

1. First class quality bases on first class material, advanced technology, the aluminum we choose is always the first class from our own factory, shinning, 98% pure degree, more durable, faster.

2. One disc can work 30 minutes for stainless steel.

Sketch Map:

Table information

Name Common Size Material Weight Max Speed  



Inch mm grit g/piece r.p.m m/s
Grinding Wheel 4.5×1/8×7/8 115x3x22BBA A24 75 13300 80  



Grinding Wheel 4.5×1/4×7/8 115x6x22BA A24 145 13300 80